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The girls are normal and not-so-normal smart girls, they come from all over the U.S. and they will be sharing their experiences with you every week.  These girls are smart and they have goals and dreams for their future.  You will find their friends, their school, their family, and their goals.  All the stuff you want to know about and more. 
Andrea  is a junior at Arizona State University majoring in English.  Andrea writes children's books in her free time.  

Anisa "would like to be a crazy math professor.  Both crazy and brilliant, so that half my students can hate me for being crazy and half can love me for being brilliant."  Anisa is a freshman at MIT.

Bernadine works full time as an insurance agent while attending Arizona State University.  She is a sophomore majoring in English.
Bess  is double majoring in English and Biochemistry at Arizona State University.   She is in her third year. 

Hey!  I'm Kira, and I'll be heading out to my first year at college in about a week.  I'm going to ASU in Tempe, Arizona...


is a freshman at Rice University in Houston, TX.  She is majoring in Violin performance.
Megan is a junior at Arizona State University.  She is majoring in English and is actively involved with the Greek life on campus.
RaLynn is a transfer student to Arizona State University and is majoring in Special Education.  Her best friend is her guide dog, Santos!
We are always looking for more journals to feature.  If you are a smart girl and you write about your life on-line, let us know so we can link to your blog, home page, or website.   Only the journals that have safe content for young girls will be featured. 
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