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10 things you can do to to help your daughter succeed:

Let your daughter get dirty.
2. Encourage her to participate in sports.
3. Introduce her to strong female role models.
4. Support your daughter in pursuing her interests.
5. See that she learns some mechanical, building, and repairing skills, and becomes familiar with tools.
6. Video tape your child engaged in physical activities such as sports, plays, and  building and fixing projects.
7. Both parents should regularly visit their children's classrooms.
8. Both parents should take their children to visit workplaces that show non-traditional gender roles.  Also, take them to see the workplaces of their choice.
9. Have high expectations in the areas of math and science.  
10. Give your daughter compliments about specific  actions instead of generic praise.   
11.  Be a great role model!  

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Parenting Teens With Love & Logic : Preparing Adolescents for Responsible Adulthood
by Fay Jim, Foster W., M.D. Cline, Jim Fay

Hyper-Parenting : Are You Hurting Your Child by Trying Too Hard?
by Alvin A. Rosenfeld, Nicole Wise, Robert Coles

Between Mother & Daughter : A Teenager and Her Mom Share the Secrets of a Strong Relationship
by Judy Ford, Amanda Ford




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