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Privacy Policy

On April 21, 2000, a new law came into effect that states that websites which serve children must follow certain steps in order to ensure their safety and privacy on the net.  EducatingJane.com has a vested interest in your safety and your privacy.  Read the following Privacy Policy, if you agree with the terms you are free to browse EducatingJane.com at your leisure.  If however you do not agree with our policy, do not continue to the site.  
Privacy Policy:
Just Visiting: 

When you visit a website, various types of information can be collected.  EducatingJane.com uses a program to help us track our visitors.  This program provides us with information about our site visitors.   The information we collect and store on our server is as follows:  the name of the domain and host where you accessed the Internet (ie. aol.com, oio.com, att.net, or osu.edu), the date and time of your visit, and the number of pages that you viewed while here. We also keep track of the  links you used to get here and the type of Internet browser you use. 

This information is used to measure the number of visitors to different sections of our site, and to help us develop the site more effectively and make it more useful.    
An example of what we do with this information would be redesigning pages or deleting pages based on how many visitors it gets compared to others.  The Biology page in the Study Hall section gets more hits than other sections in the study hall.  We may model other pages after the Biology page in order to increase popularity. 

There are several surveys on this site.  The purpose of these surveys is: 

  • to be able to respond to your questions
  • to get your feedback
  • to better understand the nature of the site's visitors
  • to give you a forum to share your thought, ideas, and successes with other girls

If you choose to take part in one of them, this is what  we do with the information you provide.  

Fave Female of All Time:
This survey is to see who our visitors think are the greatest women in history.  You are not required to submit your email address.  We may post the results of your survey with out any identifying information.  We will use your first name and the state you live in along with your favorite female.  

E-mail discussion groups and lists:
We have several e-mail discussion groups.  The groups for parents and educators are open groups, which means that anyone can join or unsubscribe to the groups on their own.  These groups are maintained by EducatingJane.com.   If you sign up for EducatingJane.com's e-mail list, you will be automatically added to the Newsletter list .  This is how we maintain the mailing list and give our visitors newsletters and site information.    The e-mail discussion list for girls is a moderated, private list.  This means that you have to be accepted to join.  You can be automatically removed and banned from any of the above lists without notice.   EducatingJane.com does not give the e-mail addresses of its visitors to advertiser or third parties. 

Public Forums:

Forums and Message Boards:
The information that is posted on the message boards is entered by the user.  Do not share any identifying information when posting messages to these forums.  These message boards can be viewed by anyone, anytime.  Use the message boards with your safety in mind. 

Chat Rooms:  (Not yet available)
Being a responsible person, child or adult, you should never give out personal information in chat rooms, bulletin boards, or in online discussions.  We are taking the greatest precautions to insure that our chat rooms are safe and free of profanity.  In order to use our chat rooms you must fill out our online survey and be granted a password.  This can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of weeks.  The information we collect from you here will be used to verify your identity.   After we have verified your identity, the information will be used for demographic studies and marketing strategies.  We will not share any personal information or e-mail addresses with advertisers or third parties. 

About You Survey:
This is the biggest information gathering survey on our site.  This is where we get to know who our site visitors really are. We ask you for your name, address, e-mail address, interests, how you found EducatingJane.com and how you might like to help in making this a better site for girls.  You can fill out most of this survey without giving out identifying information.  This information is used to help us develop a site based on your interests.  Like all the information we collect, this will not be shared with advertisers, or third parties.

Special privacy concerns for the younger girls, 12 and under


If you are under the age of 13, you need permission from your parents to participate in any online activity where you could disclose personal  information.

To ensure  your privacy, we have provided a parental consent form that must be filled out and returned in order for you to participate in any of our online surveys, chat rooms, message boards, e-mail discussions or any other interactive technology where you could share personal information with strangers.

Getting information that we have in our databases about you:
The Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act of 1974 provide you certain rights to get information about you that is stored on our site, or any other information collecting site or agent.  If you want to know what type of information we have about you, send us an e-mail with the words "FIA/Privacy Act Request" in the subject heading.  These requests are checked and returned once a month. 
What you should know about your privacy on the Internet.  

The Federal Trade Commission has a list of resources that should be of great interest for anyone wishing to protect the privacy of children.  View the list. 

There is an entire web site that focuses on the issues of kids' privacy.  www.kidsprivacy.org.  They also have  Tips for Guiding Children Online.  
COPPA Compliance
The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) went into effect on April 21, 2000.  It provides safeguards to protect children’s privacy on the Internet by regulating the collection of personal information from children under the age of 13.  Here is a break down of the law and how it effects EducatingJane.com.

1.  "COPPA requires certain commercial Web sites to get permission from parents before collecting, using, or disclosing personal information from children under 13."
-EducatingJane.com is in compliance.  Every survey or information gathering form that is on this site has a built in agreement with the submission of information.  By submitting the information you give, you automatically agree that you are 13 or older.   If you are not over 12 then you must cancel or clear the form and leave the survey unless you have a parental consent form on file with EducatingJane.com.

2.  "Web sites must also post a privacy policy describing what personal information they collect from children, how it is to be used, and if it is given to third parties. A link to the privacy policy must be prominently displayed or accessible on the Web site’s home page and on any other area where personal information can be collected from children."
-EducatingJane.com is in compliance.  You are viewing our privacy policy and you now know how the information collected is used and that we never give your e-mail address or other information away to anyone outside of EducatingJane.com 

3.  "A contact at the site will be displayed with the Privacy Policy"

For Information Contact:
Dawn Nocera
1255 N. Hamilton Road Suite 181
Gahanna, OH 43230

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