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Women's History this month. This month in Women's History
Women's History this month. BLOG NEWSLETTER
Women's History this month. EducatingJane.com

EducatingJane.com is a national site for girls, their parents and educators dedicated to helping girls grow with self-esteem, self-awareness, and involvement in the world.  Personal development is our highest priority.  We believe girls should be free to make educational and career decisions based on their individual interests and abilities.

Our Mission:
Create a better world by cultivating an army of wildly successful women who experience a connection with their creator, exude and promote the values of peace and tolerance, education for all, good health, self-empowerment, financial freedom, and community involvement.

Where we began EducatingJane.com started in the loft of the founder's Westerville home just outside of Columbus, OH in December of 1999.  What began as a single page designed to help future female engineers find study links, women in engineering history and career statistics in that field, evolved into a complete study hall with subjects ranging from Art to Physics.  It has grown to provide information about finding mentors, women in history, career options and means to attaining goals.  

Programs EducatingJane.com searches for programs on the Internet and provides ideas for additional programs that encourage girls to take risks and master physical, intellectual and emotional challenges. Major programs address math and science education,  media literacy, economic literacy, adolescent health, leadership and sports participation.

Dawn Nocera, is a Life Success Coach helping people and especially young women find their purpose, create their vision, realize their goals and achieve exceptional results through her workshops, coaching, and personal development mastermind groups. Dawn also understands the unique issues that girls and teens go through and offers her teen life coach service when needed. 

Friends EducatingJane.com is grateful to have many friends who help by providing articles, inspiration and technical support. 

Susan Butruille supplies the dates in Women's History every month along with articles and inspiration that are taken with permission from her site. 

Julia DeVillers
author of several books and good friend of Dawn's has provided endless moral support and enthusiasm.  Thanks Julia!

Carl Nocera
has provided technical assistance over the years.  Thanks you Carl!

Journalists-Who give the site life with their journals. Click here to learn how to become one!



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