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Read This BOOK!
Lavinia's Window by
Michelle Weisen
A timeless Victorian novel.  Fun and enjoyable to read!
Lavinia's Window


Mindful Entertainment

  Online Crossword puzzles 
Useless Information-thought provoking

Student Homepages

Help plan your family vacation-visit historic sites and places where women made history.

gURLpages-free homepage hosting

A Gadzillion Things to Think About

eye on the world live webcam - webcams live from around the world including our controllable webview cams

20 Questions-See if you can beat the computer at this game.  Fun.
Play the Stock Market-MainXchange
Save The World- Take part in the national campaign and volunteer.

Culturally Speaking

Performing Arts

What defines culture?  Who is 'cultured', and how do you get cultured? 
Exposure! Exposure! Exposure!  
Check out some of these sites and dive into a new world.  

Virtual Library Museums on the Web

Art History on the Web

Piano Page Listen to the Masters

Cirque du Soleil

Piano on the Net-Piano Lessons Online

The Piano Education Page

Vitual Volunteering

Volunteer America

Fun Stuff!

What is the average weekly salary for an attorney, nurse, or a teacher? Find out!

The Official PEANUTS Web Site !!

Play Mancala

20 Questions

What's in a Name? 
Find out what your name means at these various sites.

Etymology and history of   first names
S u r n a m e s
K a b a l a r i a n 's  n a m e  s e a r c h

Who has the same birthday as you?

Chose any day and find out what happened in history, who was born who died  on that day.

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