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Lavinia's Window by
Michelle Weisen
A timeless Victorian novel.  Fun and enjoyable to read!
Lavinia's Window


Adapted from "M.U.R.D.E.R." 
A Study System
by Joe Landsberger of the University of St. Thomas

Set a positive mood
Select an appropriate time, environment, and attitude.
Take note of any information you don't understand in a particular unit and go back over it when you are finished.  Keep a focus on one unit/lesson or a manageable group of exercises
After studying the unit, stop and recall what you have learned.  Try summarizing the material out loud and write down the information in your own words. 
Go back to what you did not understand and reconsider the information.
Contact external expert sources (e.g., books, the Internet or an instructor) if you still cannot understand it.
Expand your knowledge.  Ask three kinds of questions concerning the studied material:
  1. If I could speak to the author, what questions would I ask or what criticism would I offer?
  2. How could I apply this material to what I am interested in?
  3. How could I make this information interesting and understandable to other students?
Go over the material you've covered,
Review what strategies helped you understand and/or retain information in the past and apply these to your current studies. 

Originally adapted from Hayes, John R., The Complete Problem Solver, Lawrence Erlbaum Publishers, Hillsdale, NJ: 1989.  ISBN: 0805803092



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The best time to study is when you are rested, fed, and on schedule. 
What is the best place to study? Have a regular place to study.  Make sure your study spot has the following:
1)  A flat surface for writing and a chair.
2)  Good lighting
3)  Clock
4)  Free of distractions
Have a good attitude about learning.  Try to find a connection between the material you are learning and something you love. 
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