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Career Planning-It's never too early to start.

In order to plan your career, you need to take a step-by-step walk down discovery lane.  The first step is to discover who you are. 
Step One:   
  • Note your interests
  • Discover your values
  • Remember what you wanted to be when you were little.  This is sometimes the closest thing to a calling you will ever experience.  Many women and men, change careers late in life to do what they wanted to do as children. 
  • Decide which roles you want to play in your career
  • List your skills and aptitudes
  • Find your developmental needs
  • Assess your realities
The second step is an exploration into the options and opportunities for careers in today's market and tomorrow's.
Step Two:
  • Explore different occupations
  • Research the industries
  • Research the job market
  • Take on active exploration of career fields by seeking job shadowing, applying for internships and volunteer opportunities and conducting informal interviews with people with varying occupations.
In step one you discovered you, in step two you explored some careers.  Now its time to match up your skills and interests with careers.  
Step Three:
  • Narrow possible careers to 3.
  • Evaluate those careers in depth by finding salary statistics and details of the career.
  • Read books and articles relating to the specific career you are considering.
  •  Continue seeking volunteer opportunities, internships and interviews within the fields you are considering.
  • Make a decision. 
Step four is the planning process.  Here you will make a plan for education, experience and qualifications you will need for the career you choose.  Write it down. 
Step Four- Keep track of the following information:
  • Career Goals
  • Career Requirements
  • Current skills and abilities
  • Educational requirements plan.  SAT, ACT, PE, GRE, or GMAT test taking timelines and graduate school admission requirements should be included.
  • Experience requirements plan.  Volunteer work and internships should be included. 
  • Networking Goals.  Is there someone in the field you would like to meet?  Are you sending thank you notes to the people who have mentored you?  Request letters of recommendations from professors and professionals.  Keep in contact with those who have expressed interest in your success.
Step 5 is to prepare for your job search.
Step Five:
  • Prepare your résumé
  • Write your cover letters
  • Learn interviewing skills
  • Strengthen your networking skills.
Once you have completed steps 1 through 5, its time to look for a job.  Step 6 is the search itself.  Here are some things that will help you find a job. 
Step Six:
  • Make a list of people to contact.  Mentors, family, friends, neighbors, teachers, etc. 
  • Make a list of companies to contact
  • Look to local or national organizations and agencies for job listings.
  • List past social or academic societies or organizations to contact for leads. 
  • Use employment services and special interest centers for leads and referrals.

Career Planning

Northwestern College, Career Development Center - This site offers the best step by step guide and resources that are out there.  They have worksheets for self-assessment, analysis of occupations,  and career planning. 
Internship Programs - Search for an Internship in your field, explore careers and read intern profiles from students around the country.  The profiles are a great place to get ideas on where to find internships. 
Career Exploration
Salary and Career forecasts and information:
Bureau of Labor Statistics - Has wage information for over 400 careers. 
Department of Labor- Get general information regarding employment and skills.
Internship Programs has career explorations in many fields.
About.com- Here you can find 21 detailed career choice articles written by  Dawn Rosenberg McKay , career planning guide
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