National Project:
Women in the Workplace

What we need
We are looking for video profiles of women in non-traditional careers from all over the world.  Completed videos will be posted on-line for site visitors to access 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  
Try to find the most successful woman in or around your community.  As a group effort, you can individually come up with suggestions and then choose  one.  Contact them personally or contact their agent.  
The Profile
The completed profile should be between 3 and 5 minutes long.  Here are some suggestions on what to include:
1 The name and occupation of the woman being profiled.  
2 Educational background.  What is needed for the field and the level of education of the woman being profiled.  
3 Skills needed for her job.
4 What she likes best about her career. 
5 Suggestions she would have for girls thinking of pursuing the same career.
These are only suggestions.  Be creative and have fun!
When possible the profile should include the views of her workplace.
Editing of the project should be done by the students.  
Technical Matters
The video format will be VHS.  
Submitting your project
Fill out an entry form and send it in with your video to the following address:
ATTN: Video Profile Dept.
5485 Nash Place
Westerville, OH  43081

* Your video will be shown online for site visitors to view 24/7!  
* Your name and a brief summary of you and your project will also be available online.
* Refer to the project on your resume and show your family and friends.  
You will get to meet professional women and hopefully learn more about your own career interests.
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